Fler bilder från Bonfesten

Vi har inte riktigt fått nog av vårt extravaganta tioårsjubileum, inte än. Kanon Vodka har precis publicerat fler bilder från festen och en intervju med Bons Editor-at-Large Madelaine Levy.

KANON VODKA: What were your top three happenings at the party?

MADELAINE LEVY: 1. Elisabeth Toll, Sweden’s Photographer of the Year 2011, documented the whole night in a hyper-fast version of a real photo shoot with lights, assistants and the works. So much more than your usual party snapshots. 

2. Robyn performed a fantastic version of her old hit Show Me Love, which shows how much she’s grown as an artist since then, without ever changing the core of who she is.

3. At 2 AM, the clocks turned forward. The party was supposed to have ended half an hour before that, but more and more people took to the already hot and heavy dance floor – so the Misshapes just held back the night by cranking it up one more notch.

Läs resten av intervjun och se alla bilderna här.