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Created by some of the world’s leading writers, photographers and stylists, and with a passionate desire to explore the fashion and ideas that define our times, Bon features world-class fashion editorials alongside industry insider interviews and insightful pieces on fashion and culture.

Produced with one foot in trend-sensitive Stockholm and the other in arty fashion capital London, Bon presents brave and visionary fashion with award-winning design on unbeatable paper and printing quality.

Bon is published as both a bi-annual print magazine (in English) and an online platform updated daily at Bon.se (in Swedish).


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Bon Magazine

Alejandra Smits photographed by Carlota Guerrero. Styling Tereza Ortiz


Daniel Björk

Art director

Erik Hartin

Fashion Director

Tereza Ortiz


Ana Kinsella


Bon Digital

Managing Editor

Stefanie Ravelli


Justina Hüll

Junior Editor

Saga Loxdal

Fashion Director Menswear

Martin Persson

Fashion Director Womenswear

Martina Almquist

VD & publisher

Krister Ragnarsson

Creative director

Michael Elmenbeck

Projects & Events

Project manager

Linus Palm


Project Manager / Creative Projects

Sonja Nettelbladt

Project Manager

Rebekka Riedweg


Financial Accountant

Robert Johansson

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