Frida Vega Salomonsson

UB & Caitlin Moran


Mötte upp med Celine i fredags och gick först och drack cider på Baras för att sen promenera vidare till Under Bron. Älskar att de plockat in fotoautomaten som stod på Trädgården i somras. Träffade även tex Clem, Maya och Jin som var på plats.

Den senaste veckan har jag lyssnat på Caitlin Morans intervju i Värvet International fem gånger. She had me från när Triumf frågar vad hon åt till frukost och hon kontrar utan betänketid, spunk and a cigarette.

Lyssna här, petade in några stycken som introduktion. Någon som läst hennes bok How to be a woman? Hon har ju genom hela intervjun ett väldigt tydligt och naturligt klassperspektiv, någon som vet hur hon i övrigt hanterar intersektionalitet i sina böcker?

”The greatest resource a country can have isn’t gold or oil, its brains. So any country who doesn’t allow their women or gays to go to parlament, become scientists or doctors, will have greater problems. I pity the racist sexist who is sitting there while a black woman is discovering the cure for cancer. Because you know, he will need that drug.”

”Its always the same people who are getting to tell their stories. Its getting so nuts in popular culture now. In Hollywood, we have told straight white males stories so many times that we have to do things like have them being bit by a radioactive spider so he turns into a half man half spider, just to give straight white men a problem and a fucking story.”

”People are always like ”feminists just go on and on about their periods”, and Im like yeah because its nuts. I have never seen a period in a movie, never seen menstrual blood in a movie. That would be seen as disgusting. But I have seen million gallons of blood from exploding heads and Ive seen peoples mouths being stitched on to another persons bumhole. But a woman can’t have a period?”

”The only people who were talking about feminism were the classic dry academics or angry campaigning women in dungarees that hated men and didn’t like sex. And I love all of them, they are the people who change the world, who got me to vote. I love an angry lesbian feminist, they are my girls. But we need to expand the lexicon and have a bigger choice. You need funny feminists, you need sexy feminists, clever feminists, silly feminists, to push these issues properly.”