Share the groove, don’t share the needle.

Lights & Strobes

So happy about our next Studio Barnhus release. Our friend Carli Löf – true musical genius, master producer of everything from rugged & raw grime scorchers to straight up Eurovision goodness – finally debuts on Barnhus, with nothing less than a timeless, laser-soaked rave hymn. On the flip we have our very own Pedrodollar Nordkvist flexin some serious remix muscle with your choice of contemplative comedown house and/or solemn ode to ancient trance gods.

In the words of a friend-of-a-Scottish-friend:

Oh aye – that’s a fuckin 3am punch yer mate in the face with joy effort. Well intae this! Just out of jail after 20 years and first night out with the old crew. Take a few eccies and that tune comes on and you turn to your pal, put your arm round him all sweaty and say ”it’s just like a remembered it. I’m gonnae be awrite.”

Here’s the B2 track, Petter’s ”Trance Dawn Rescue Mix”… We’ll be streaming the other remix + the original in the next two weeks.

long player bizness

…I also finished an album, after spending two weeks locked up with Matt Karmil in Gothenburg’s Nacksving studios! Hence the blog-silence…


10 tracks have been completed, here’s the gexiest of the bunch:

this + 9 other attempts at professional-grade dance music will be released through Studio Barnhus in August.

Studio Barnhus @ Nitsa, 30/01/16

we went to Barcelona last weekend, good times, fun gig with Studio Barnhus. Nitsa have been kind enough to fly us down to their beautiful dance palace regularly over the last few years and somehow we’re always on top form there. one of those big clubs that still manage to feel intimate.

Montsa, most excellent artist host/night manager/not-sure-what-she-does-but-it’s-great at Nitsa, our friend-in-Catalonian-exile Jacob and the Boman.

it might seem superfluous to employ three fully grown Swedish men to dj at your party…

…but we do bring a cymbal! appurtenant drum stick demonstrated here by Axel.

24 hrs of Soundcloud

three really good things that popped up on my Soundcloud feed over the last 24 hours, in chronological order:

Andrew Weatherall, such a hero! this selection covers the whole spectrum, from William Onyeabor to Nagamatzu. powerful mix.

really wish Naphta would go ahead and do another record for us at Studio Barnhus already. instead he insists on dropping beautiful releases on great labels like Omena and Transatlantyk… Here’s the a-side off his forthcoming debut album, released on the latter… Vibrant!

Killer mix of rare 70’s and 80’s Swedish cuts from the one they call LeoLyxxx, one of Stockholm’s fiercest record collectors and the man behind the Studio Barnhus logo. speaking of  Onyeabor, this was recorded exclusively for our good pals at Luaka Bop. Shout to Mr. Welles!

Remixing Jinder again

awww yis, just finished a remix of my pop star friend Little Jinder’s Super 8, next single from her latest album Allting suger (that’s ”everything sucks” in Swedish). Little Jinder 2016 sounds a bit like PC Music mixed with a certain melancholy Swedish 90’s chart pop vibe (Mauro Scocco, one of the main perpetrators of said genre, makes a guest appearance on the album) – with great, naive pop lyrics and some nifty co-production by Alex Berg of Dorisburg fame. Super cool! Hoping I can post my remix here soon, until then, here’s another thing I did for Josefine back in 2013: