Share the groove, don’t share the needle.

weekend off

got the weekend off, going to the theater tonight, Mr. Boman‘s birthday bash tomorrow. been listening to this:

YouTube got it wrong, correct artist name is Teulé – drums, keys and groove is all trademark Kerri though. can’t believe I slept on this until recently. tune really has everything – happy, sad, party, chill… sry for horrible audio quality here.

my favourite band as a teenager. been on a big bob hund throwback tip lately, realizing how their very distinctive melodies have influenced a lot of the music I make and enjoy today.

working on releasing several new records from Lukas Nystrand von Unge with Studio Barnhus this year, so his music is on constant rotation and I’m enjoying every second. Lukas has one of the best Soundcloud pages out there, a lot of this stuff will appear on the records we’re planning, in one form or another.