The Stages of Alexander McQueen: S/S 2001 Voss

Alexander McQueen, S/S 2001 Voss

This curation has arrived to my favourite Alexander McQueen show ever. A Gothic influence yet a contemporary staging, which captivated the audience in its largest sense of the world as they felt trapped within their own mirrored reflection and saw the models trapped within the box. The box – ”a recreation of a psychiatric hospital in a London warehouse, complete with padded cells and surveillance mirrors – Voss’ catwalk was inspired by Death Row.” Lee himself saw this as one of his finest moments, to be able to turn the fashion world on themselves, and he kept them staring at their own reflection for two hours in attendance of the show (meanwhile he was giggling backstage). Another word for the scenery used by the brand and the press was the one of asylum: a sanctuary of peace and a housing for the insane.
Adding to the wonder of the show, an installation inside the box (inside the box) of the Joel Peter Witkin painting Sanitarium was re-created, with the writer Michelle Olley inside of it, nude and covered in moths.
This has inspired me so much that I am myself working on an installation and a play using this simple but effectful technology: of seeing while being seen.

Joel Peter Witkin, Sanitarium, 1983

And there is nothing like it after that in fashion, however in theatre:

Botho Strauss, Big and Small, (1978) 2011

Ivan Navarro, Reality Show, 2010