The Stages of Alexander McQueen: A/W 1998 Joan of Arc

Alexander McQueen, A/W 1998 Joan of Arc

All theatre, staging the real in miniature, is a form of ritual. We highlight the things we are disturbed by to deal with it. The act of letting go, even destroying, is a ritual used in ancient religions in order to be able to embrace the new. They are often enacted in a circle, so as to close the energy revolving. Lee himself was very obsessed by death but rather saw the symbolic ritualism in it: ”It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholic but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle – everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things.”

Bill Viola, The Crossing, 1996

Roberto Cavalli, A/W 2014