Bon 73

The Guest

On a site in the California High Desert, the artist Andrea Zittel lives in and directs a communal experiment. Since 2000, people have been allowed to come and participate in her art and life, in exchange for their time and labour. In April this year, Saša Štucin and her husband spent ten days on the grounds. We asked Saša what it was like and this is what she told us.

Moving on up

War in South Sudan. Refugee camps in Egypt. After a long journey, the model, actress and activist Mari Malek has found a place for herself.

Search for belonging

Two siblings from Iraq by way of Halmstad, Sweden find themselves in the heart of the Paris fashion scene. But in their debut collection, Namacheko haven’t forgotten how exactly they got there.

Inside the perimeter

Iranian-American writer Dina Nayeri knows a thing or two about starting over. But can you really erase and rewind?


The Gucci mania.