PFW Day 6

Black and white at Givenchy and prints explosion at Kenzo – The Sabraniel Report on PFW Day 6.

PFW Day 5

The most beautiful show ever, pageants and one legged jumpsuits – The Sabraniel Report on Day 5 of PFW

PFW Day 4

Oversized dresses at Margiela and electrifying fabrics at Dior – The Sabraniel Report at PFW Day 4.

PFW Day 3

Naughty 60s schoolgirls, billowing shapes and a shower curtain – PFW Day 3.

MFW Day 5

Touristy Sicilians and lovely A-lines – The Sabraniel Report on day five of Milan Fashion Week

MFW Day 4

Day 4 of Milan Fashion Week – Fantastic structures and rapturous applause.

MFW Day 3

Heavy paillettes, annoying seat mates and 1969 according to Versace – The Sabraniel Report on Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week.

MFW Day 2

Safaris, cushy seats and a newfound love. And Prada, of course. Sabraniel presents day 2 of Milan Fashion Week.

MFW Day 1

Poolside glamour and hot pinks in the land of €1 espressos and Prada – The Sabraniel Report on Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week.